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The Rutland!
Division Point (DP 8827)
Road Numbers 201-204  

Also from Overland Models, Inc
Rutland Wide Version International Caboose

OMI AZ- 3017-1 #50

OMI AZ-3017-2 #51


Central VT International Wide Version Caboose

OMI AZ-3018-1

OMI AZ-3018-2

OMI AZ-3019-3

D&H Passengers Cars are in.
Division Point Canadian Pacific P-2k 2-8-2
Made by Boo Rim are Here Too!

One of the greatest things about the hobby of model train collecting is that new trains are always in development.  It is very exciting to see all the new projects in the works. 

At Turkey Hill Hobbies we are happy to announce the introduction of the Rutland.  This beautiful reproduction of an American icon in railroading will be sold exclusively through Turkey Hill Hobbies. 
Check back on our What’s New page to keep updated on the production and availability of the Rutland.
If you have questions about the Rutland, it’s availability, pre-order discounts, or any other trains that we offer, feel free to send us an E-mail and we will be happy to provide the info you need.


Coach Yard

Turkey Hill Hobbies is a Division Point Dealer
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Precision Scale




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